OCEAN SPOON – Theatrical performance

English-newsletters219.5 / Friday / 12:00, 20:00
Shidlovsky Auditorium

OCEAN SPOON – Theatrical performance

A theatrical performance inspired by Wislawa Szymborska (1923-2012).

Noam Ben Azar, director. Anna Gelfand & Abigail Arnheim, actresses & creators. Verde Dekel, music.

As inspired by her poetry, two different characters were created to portray the two different faces of Szymborska’s personality. Two undefined travellers, transcend time, their characters come from nowhere and go nowhere.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the code 1010 and pay 60 NIS, instead of 80 NIS.

Online tickets & information: www.blumentalfestival.com / 03-6201185
Bravo: *3221 / 072-275-3221
Tel Aviv Museum of Art box office: 03-6077020

Felicja Blumental International Music Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 15-20 May 2017
Artistic Director: Annette Celine, Executive Director: Avigail Arnheim

Anna Gelfand & Abigail Arnheim

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